The Network Service Provider Association of Zambia (NSPAZ) started its life out as the Internet Service Provider Association of Zambia (ISPAZ), which in itself came into existence back in approximately 2008. The reasoning for the change to NSPAZ is to make the organisation more inclusive of to all operators and service providers licensed by the Regulator in Zambia and not just for the traditional ISPs. The organisation fully supports and endorses the government's drive of inclusive technology and digitisation of the country. To be effective, the representation needs to be appropriate, which results in the correct levels of recognition in the industry and authorities.

NSPAZ mandate is to represent its members in the technology and digital initiatives of the country. This covers many aspects, from addressing matters of concern with authorities, to creating awareness of the benefits of its technology, all the way through to the development and growth of new technologies in collaboration with interested parties, etc. our success is measured by the acceptance and usage of technology across all spheres of Zambia's burgeoning economy.


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